Send off meeting at home port with 165.

Get a position in TOP TEN, he declared.

On 4 Aug. 2016, a send off meeting and a Kojiro Shiraishi's speech as "Dream Voyage" had been held at Matuzaki Town located west side south of the Izu Peninsula. Even though it started at 19:00 evening, 165 had gothered. On a working day and the whole population of the town is  only 6700, this number is tremendous and he is a popular man in this town because this is Kojiro's Home Port Town. 

Kojiro Shiraishi was a graduate of Misaki Fisheries High School, and there were three cutters build by Matuzaki Ship Yard. By a mere coincidence, Kojiro intended to cruise around the world with solo yachting twice and failed. Matuzaki's people didn't cricized him and kept an eye on his next friendly. In 1993, Kojiro succeeded his 3rd cruising around alone the world yachting at 26 years old as the youngest sailor in the world. Before it, when he came back to the port with tears in failure, President of Okamura Ship Yard, Mr.Okamura said,"Ko-chan, (friedly saying with chan"), you run the boat striking a stern with a whip." More naturally, run and keep a ship with friendly," this came to be the motto in Kojiro's life.

In this meeting, the Mayor of Matuzaki town, Fumihiko Saitou said, "At th 3rd strating day, Kojiro appeared with his hear cropped close and tied a headband printed the rising sun. I felt if he will fail once more, he shall put his life to end. I told him, must keep your life, it gives you many chances to challenge." At 3rd chance after patiences, he succeeded  the around alone the world, and the next around alone  in 2002 and the next 5 Ocians in 2006.

Toally 3 times he rounded the world.

In this meetig, with 165 audiences, Kojiro said, " Same people join as 25 years ago. " People support him with such a long term. " In this case, I am blessed with the boat. My objective is to get position in the TOP 10." This is a first declaration of Kojiro, and said "Contral my eagerness, and complete the race, both are important things."

Vendee's complete finishing ratio is 50%, it depends on the good fortune. In this Vendee, top 10 of 28 skippers have boats with foils. In a New York Vendee Race as a preliminary race, foil boats have got collision with UFOs. Many skippers are skeptical about a boat with foils. One of his sponsors made a capitrization without thier company name and logo, only with general thing's name. "With many people's supports, I will do my best  to complete the race and to say children, everything will be done with your dream, brightness and positive approch." 

One of fans for Kojiro, Mr.Hosoda is living in Matuzaki and built a cockpit mockup as same as Kojiro's boat in his house under ground. Matuzaki's night is cool, however in the cockpit, too much hot. In this environment, people drunk. With too much hot temperature,  an air hazed over. Kojiro's character and popularity gother many people as fans. Matuzaki is a beautiful and quiet smal town located at the westside south in the Izu Peninsula Shizuoka prefecture. Near by here, popular singer, Youzo Kayama's cruiser Kousin-maru is anchored in Arari cove.

Reported by Watson Courtier as of Aug. 4 2016.


8月4日木曜日、静岡県賀茂郡松崎町で白石康次郎「夢航海」講演会兼壮行会が開催されました。夕方19時から開催されましたが165名の多数が参加しました。町民人口6700名で、しかも平日ですから大変な参加人数です。人気者です。(写真は斎藤町長Mayor Saitou)





Reported by Watson Courtier as of Aug.4 2016.