Kojiro Shiraishi Topics Today!  Visit to Mayor of the Concarneau.


Today's morning, on Apr.14 2016, the mayor of the Concarneau invited me to meet with him. I called at his office. Mr.Laurent Jordan my  yacht yard owner is a hero in the Vendee Blobe society and very familier with a mayor. he told a mayor about me  and recomended to see me.


Afternoon, we build a main sail. In the rain, every crew worked hard. A crew member is a sailor from Bretagne who was also a member crew as we got the transpacipic record with the Gitana13 catamaran once. Here are many sailers from Bretagne who are earnest, gentle and patient. They are favorably going along with us Japanese.

A main sail is secondhand but in good condition. I will challenge a transatrantic race from New York to Vendee with those secondhand sails. I should consider which sails should have to be new after coming back to the Concarnaeu. For a current capital situation, it's very tough to buy every sail to be new.  It's vague how much amount we can get by a cloud founding, I will continue efforts to get new additional sponsors. I expect your continuous supports.


Yesterday, Tony who is married with a niece of the late Youkou Tada, my respected mentor ,came from England to join our meeting.  His nationality is Ireland but he can speak Japanese very well. I'm surrounded good people include Tomy, so I could reach every things successfully. Indeed, Good people surround me.

I will be successfully going with everybody's relationship if I will be in any place in the world.


Kojiro Shiraisha



Translated by Watson Coultier o July 18 2016.